ASP Side Breakaway Scabbard for ASP Baton - BASKETWEAVE ONLY

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ASP Side Breakaway Scabbard for ASP Baton

The SideBreak Scabbard holds an F-Series Baton in either the retracted or expanded mode, ready for rapid presentation while providing secure retention during dynamic confrontations. The design of the scabbard allows the shafts of an expanded Friction Baton to be pulled directly through the side of the case for instant tactical deployment.  The case rotates through 7 click-stop detent positions in a 180-degree arc—so it will not rotate beyond horizontal and compromise the security of the baton—and features an adjustable internal clip that lets you set the amount of baton retention to your preference.  This tough, polymer scabbard features ASP's exclusive Snap-Loc belt loop, which attaches anywhere on the belt without having to thread or unthread other duty gear. The belt loop features an indexed slide track and bar that adjusts to fit all common duty belt and dress belt widths or MOLLE gear.